MAVSDK-Python API reference

Important Notes

  • Python 3.6+ is required.

  • You may need to run pip3 instead of pip and python3 instead of python, depending of your system defaults.

  • Auterion has a _Getting started with MAVSDK-Python: guide if you’re a beginner and not sure where to start.

Install using pip from PyPi

To install simply run:

pip3 install mavsdk

The package contains mavsdk_server already (previously called “backend”), which is started automatically when connecting (e.g. await drone.connect()). Have a look at the examples to see it used in practice. It will be something like:

python from mavsdk import System

drone = System() await drone.connect(system_address=”udp://:14540”)

Note: System() takes two named parameters: mavsdk_server_address and port. When left empty, they default to None and 50051, respectively, and mavsdk_server -p 50051 is run by await drone.connect(). If mavsdk_server_address is set (e.g. to “localhost”), then await drone.connect() will not start the embedded mavsdk_server and will try to connect to a server running at this address. This is useful for platforms where mavsdk_server does not come embedded, for debugging purposes, and for running mavsdk_server in a place different than where the MAVSDK-Python script is run.

Run the examples

Once the package has been installed, the examples can be run:


The examples assume that the embedded mavsdk_server binary can be run. In some cases (e.g. on Raspberry Pi), it may be necessary to run mavsdk_server manually, and therefore to set mavsdk_server_address='localhost' as described above.

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