class mavsdk.system.System(mavsdk_server_address=None, port=50051)

Bases: object

Instantiate a System object, that will serve as a proxy to all the MAVSDK plugins.

  • mavsdk_server_address (str) – Address of a running mavsdk_server instance. If None, an instance of mavsdk_server will be automatically started (on localhost).

  • port (int) – Port of the running mavsdk_server instance specified by mavsdk_server_address.

property action
property calibration
property camera
async connect(system_address=None)

Connect the System object to a remote system.


system_address (str) –

The address of the remote system. If None, it will default to udp://:14540. Supported URL formats:

property core
static error_uninitialized(plugin_name: str)str
property failure
property follow_me
property ftp
property geofence
property gimbal
property info
property log_files
property manual_control
property mission
property mission_raw
property mocap
property offboard
property param
property shell
property telemetry
property tracking_server
property tune